European Union A Sinking Ship? 10 Reasons For BREXIT

Is European Union a sinking ship?

I’m not from Britain, nor have I ever set foot on English soil but I have really grown an interest in this Brexit Issue.

For the life of me, I can’t understand why many politicians can be so stupid especially when it comes to national interests.

And the current British prime minister is one such politician who I think is losing the plot and trying to stay with a sinking ship and in the process of doing that, he wants to take British people down with it.

European Union Is A Sinking Ship Brexit Is a must

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Here’s Jimmy Melon, one of the richest guys in UK has to say about the Brexit Issue and thinks that all the Brexit Fears are non-sense and British has to leave EU:

Brexit fears are nonsense
Plenty of other arguments can be made for “Brexit” (and, to be fair, there are some good ones for staying too). But the best reason for leaving is that the eurozone will implode sooner rather than later, and it is better to be in a comfortably-appointed lifeboat in the Channel, than to be dragged under by the wake of the doomed eurozone vessel. All the nonsense spoken about Brexit putting jobs at risk, or of the City’s position being under threat, is, in my view, just that – nonsense. I believe the UK’s capacity to grow will be enhanced by Brexit, and very little will change in terms of trade. We can sit out the carnage that is coming in financial markets. And the City, away from the grasping jealousy of Frankfurt and of Paris, will thrive.

So how will it unfold? As follows: first, Greece and Portugal will suffer another bout of financial crisis. But then the real debt implosion – the one involving the really big boys – will arrive. This time, the eurozone will be floored – and unable to rise from the mat. A new EU – a customs union with regulatory agencies supervising trading standards – will probably emerge from the wreckage. My own support for that type of union would be strong.

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One of David Cameron’s latest attempt to bully elderly voters into backing the remain campaign, in which he has threatened the future of state pensions if there is a Brexit vote on 23rdJune.

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Seriously, these pensioners where the ones that were building up Britian when David Cameron was in his nappies.

Here’s an excerpt from an article written on about this issue:

Stand up to this bullying and threatening Prime Minister by voting Brexit

The independent Labour Peer, Lord Stoddart of Swindon, has been scathing in his criticism of the David Cameron’s latest attempt to bully elderly voters into backing the remain campaign, in which he has threatened the future of state pensions if there is a Brexit vote on 23rdJune.

Lord Stoddart said:  “Can there be anything more morally repugnant than the Prime Minister trying to bully pensioners for short term political gain? He is talking about  pensioners who may well have fought in the war, lived through the blitz, lived through rationing or lived through all three. All of this in the cause of resisting perhaps the worst bullies of all – the Nazis! A Prime Minister who behaves in this mendacious manner toward elderly voters is misusing his office.

“Mr Cameron has also been accusing supporters of Brexit and regaining self-government for this country of being ‘quitters.’   The irony of making such an argument when he has long ago announced his intention to quit at the end of this Parliament is clearly lost on him but voters should be aware that, from 2020, he won’t be around to account for the results of his actions.  In regard to the EU, quitting is no bad thing when you are on a sinking ship!

“We don’t like bullies in this country and we have a long history of standing up to them.  We should stand up to this bullying and threatening Prime Minister by voting Brexit on 23rd June.”

 10 Reasons For Bristish To Leave EU

Here are also 10 reasons given by  for British to leave EU.

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1.     Freedom to make stronger trade deals with other nations.

2.     Freedom to spend UK resources presently through EU membership in the UK to the advantage of our citizens.

3.     Freedom to control our national borders.

4.     Freedom to restore Britain’s special legal system.

5.     Freedom to deregulate the EU’s costly mass of laws.

6.     Freedom to make major savings for British consumers.

7.     Freedom to improve the British economy and generate more jobs.

8.     Freedom to regenerate Britain’s fisheries.

9.     Freedom to save the NHS from EU threats to undermine it by harmonising healthcare across the EU, and to reduce welfare payments to non-UK EU citizens.

10.   Freedom to restore British customs and traditions.

How Brexit Will Affect Forex Market?

Right now, Brexit Is a hot agenda on the currency market. If British votes to leave european union, the British pound is expected to fall greatly.

Any currency pair that has a GBP in front or back will get impacted depending on the outcome of this brexit vote on June 23rd 2016.

Fortunes can be made if you bet right…

For me, price action will dictate what kind of trading system I use and in this article, I have listed 5 trading setups/strategies, that I’d be watching out for during that time.

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