14 Best Forex Calendars-Alternatives To Forexfactory Calendar

Forex CalendarsApart from forexfactory calendar, are there other forex calendars?

The fact is not all forex traders will like what forex factory calendar has to offer.

Forex factory calender is not the only economic calendar out there.

In this post, there’s a list of other websites providing economic forex calendars that many other trader use as well.

Have a look and check each one out.

You never know, you may end up liking on of these forex calendars listed below.

#1: Dailyfx Forex Calendar

Dailyfx.com is a website owned and run by FXCM, a forex broker.

It also has its forex calendar.

#2: Fxstreet Economic Calendar

Fxstreet.com is another popular forex website with a forex calendar.

#3: Forexlive Economic Calendar

Forexlive.com is the third site on the list with a forex calendar.

#4: Myfxbook Forex Economic Calendar

Myfxbook.com forex calendar is also pretty good.

#5: Investing Economic Calendar

Investing.com also has an economic calendar.

#6: Forexcrunch Forex Calendar

Forexcrunch.com, another top forex website has its forex calendar as well.

#7: Forex.Com Economic Calendar

Forex.com also has an economic calendar.

#8: Babypips Forex Calendar

Babypips.com, a popular forex website for beginner traders also has a forex calendar.

#9: Wbponline Economic Calendar

Wbponline.com also has a forex economic calendar on its site.

#10: Fxpro Economic Calendar

Fxpro.com also has a forex economic calendar.

#11: Fxempire Economic Calendar

Fxempire.com also has a forex economic calendar.

#12: Investopedia Forex Calendar

Investopedia.com also has a forex economic calendar.

#13: Forexpeacearmy Calendar

Forexpeacearmy.com the website where almost every expert advisors to trading system and trading signals services are reviewed apparently also has a forex calendar.

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#14: Mt5.com Forex Calendar

So there you have it, 14 alternative forex calendars you can use instead of the forexfactory forex calendar.

If you know of any other forex economic calendars that I have not listed here, please make an comment and let me know below so that I can include it in this list.