8 Amazing Facts About Forexfactory (Not Many Forex Traders Know)

FACT 7: Forexfactory has the best forex news calendar compared to others

The forexfactory calendar is simply one of the best in the world.

Compared to other sites like dailyfx calendar and fxstreet forex calendar, they don’t even come close to the look and feel of the forex factory calendar:

Forex Factory Calendar

It is no wonder that thousands of forex traders every day flock to the forex factory economic calendar to get updates on what is happening or what types of big market moving news are scheduled.

The good thing about the forexfactory economic calendar is that that you can see the high impact news that are going to be released at a certain date in the future if your forex trading strategy generates a buy or a sell signal, you then decide if you are going to take it or not because the major forex news is just around the corner.

In the beginning, when I was starting to trade forex, I lost almost 50% of my trading account size because I traded just before a major forex news was going to be announced.

I didn’t know about how major forex news could impact the markets. I was pretty dumb back then, just a few weeks into trading forex.

Guess what happened when the news came out?

Price went against my position and my stop loss was jumped.

From that moment, I am always heading to check the forexfactory calendar to make sure I do not trade during major news announcements that can impact the forex market.

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